Hoparazzi Brewing Co.

 La-Tarte-Raspberry Hoparazzi Brewing Company is a start up craft production brewery that will provide high quality, unique craft beer in the local Southern California market. With a focus to create simple and enjoyable craft beer, our initial beer menu will include ten ales.  As the business grows and brand recognition increases, we will expand the brewing capacity and the number of ales in our brewing portfolio.
Located at 2910 East La Palma Avenue, Suite D, Anaheim, CA., the opportunity we have is to capitalize on an emerging craft market where there are only a few local breweries. We have high quality, unique craft beers that will quench the thirst of craft beer enthusiasts and pique the interest of everyone else. bill-lisa
Hoparazzi’s tasting room is scheduled to open early 2015.

The brewery’s 4,072 square feet space has been divided into four major sections.  The tasting room is an airy, open space focused on our industrial Hollywood glam theme.  This room has 20’ open ceilings with one entire wall of windows facing the street.  A wall adjacent to the bar will have a large window that will showcase the fermentation equipment in the production area.  Three bar sections made from beautifully restored, reclaimed bowling alley lanes will be the centerpiece of the tasting room.  The tasting room will also highlight the industrial Hollywood glam theme with stage lights that are hung from the truss grid overhead, industrial pipe chandeliers, and pictures of old Hollywood stars.  It will seat 49 patrons.

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Lisa adding more hops to the boil kettle. Yum! Bill checking the gravity of the wort.

Water is an invaluable resource used in our brewing and cleaning process. We are committed to protecting this invaluable resource in our brewery operations.  With intelligent processes in place, we hope to minimize waste water and to promote water conservation.


Our brewing process byproducts are not wastes to dispose of, but resources with a beneficial reuse. We use spent grain as a soil amendment and feed for local livestock. Any waste that can be recycled will be properly recycled such as paper, plastic, and glass.  The brewery location is less than one mile from a major recycling center.

We strive to be leaders in the craft industry by reducing energy usage, promoting conservation and training. Lighting will be controlled by timed motion sensors. If no one is using a room, the lights will turn off automatically. We plan to regularly conduct a series of energy audits to constantly reduce our company’s energy usage. Learning about and understanding conservation will be part of every employees training package.

We know that our employees shape us as a company, so we’ve created a fun and collaborative culture using our own employees’ best ideas for improvements and growth and extend decision making power to all levels. We believe in rewarding our employees financially for such contributions.

We also support and hope to increase public awareness of the arts, culture, charities and environment through company involvement, beer and/or monetary donations to organizations related to or involved in these organizations. We plan to have quarterly/bi-annual events where a percentage of the profits will be donated to a local charity. We will get local community involvement from other local breweries in support of these charity events by participating and donating their beer. Our goal is to support local charities first, but regional, national and even global charities will be supported as well.